10 Best Travel Tips for Japan

December 04, 2016

10 Best Japan Travel Tips - PoloSim international SIM cardJapan is the third largest economy in the world. It is also home to the oldest continuous monarchy on earth. In fact, Emperor Akihito is now the 125th Emperor of Japan. These two facts suggest that this nation has a lot to offer you in terms of its modern advancements and historical background. Therefore, traveling to this Far East country would be an excellent idea.

Here are the 10 best travel tips for Japan

Always Carry Cash

    Japan has 127 ATM machines per 100,000 people. Unfortunately,Take cash in japan- travel tips - polosim most of these ATMs do not accept foreign credit cards. That means foreigners cannot access their money through ATMs. What makes it worse is that Japanese vendors prefer cash to other forms of payments. You should carry at least 15,000 to 20,000 Yen with you all the time while you are in Japan so that you can pay for your daily expenses. 

    If you do find yourself in need of cash you can withdraw cash in Japanese yen using a debit cards/credit card issued in your country in International ATMs (with the Service sign and the logos of usable credit cards are displayed on the machines) in the following 3 locations:

    • Local Japanese posts office branches
    • 7-Eleven convenience stores
    • AEON chain of supermarkets

    Do Not Tip Anyone

      Many people from America and other Western nations are fond of giving tips to waiters, taxi drivers, and baggage handlers. Doing so in Japan is taboo. In fact, in some cases, you would offend these workers if you offered them a tip. It would appear as though you think they do not earn enough money for their upkeep. Remember, an ordinary citizen of Japan person is extremely proud of his/her industriousness regardless of the job title they holds.

      Do Not Miss the Last Train

        Japan Train - Travel Tips - PoloSimThe railway network in Japan is elaborate and highly advanced. In fact, it covers the entire nation offering 20,000 trips a day to its commuters. However, these trains do not operate at night. Check the train schedule to ensure you can catch the last train. 

        Wear Slippers When You Are in Someone’s House

          You have to remove your shoes before you enter a Japanese house. Your hosts will provide you with slippers that you can wear while you are in their home. Remove these slippers when you go into a room with tatami flooring. 

          Ask For Permission Before You Take Photos

            Tokyo Japan travel tips- PoloSim international sim cardThe Japanese have strong feelings when it comes to protecting their privacy. You should ask for one’s permission before you take ones photo. Furthermore, signs prohibiting photos exist in a number of establishments across the country. Do not take a photo in those establishments if you see these signs. 

            Pouring Drinks Is Not As Simple As It Is In Europe and America

              Drinks in japan travel tips - polosimPouring a drink into your glass is a taboo. If your glass is empty and you need a drink,pour for others and they will respond in kind as one of them will pour it into yours. Additionally, young people pour beverages into the glasses of their seniors. Lastly, a company representative should always pour a drink into his client’s glass and not vice versa.

              Bowing Is a Sign of Respect

                Shaking someone’s hand is an uncommon form of greeting in Japan. Instead, you bow when you meet a friend, colleague, family member, or business partner. The angle of your bow depends on the seniority and social status of the person you are meeting. The greater the angle of the bow, then the more important that person is to you. One should not make the mistake of both bowing and shaking hands at the same time.

                Learn A Few Words in Japanese

                  mount fuji-polosim japan travel tipsWhile Japan is widely exposed to American culture, English is not a common language in Japan. Learning a few Japanese phrases to say simple things like thank you and excuse me is an excellent idea. Carrying a piece of paper with your desired destination is another good idea because it helps you communicate with your taxi driver.

                  Japan Is an Orderly Society

                  The Japanese people queue as they wait for trains to arrive. Do not skip the line because doing so would irritate many people who are on it. You should note that blowing your nose in public is a serious taboo. Do not do it. Find a private corner and then blow your nose.

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