10 Best Travel Tips for People Traveling On Business

January 22, 2017

To some business travel is a required nuisance in order to get the job done, while other business travelers enjoy the travels as a way to expand their horizons by conquering new markets. Whether you’re a reluctant business traveler or an eager one, here are the 10 best travel tips for people traveling on business.

Plane Pollution - Protect Yourself from Bacteria Found On Airplanes

    airplane seat polluted Airplanes are not as clean as they should be. For example, a recent study concluded that the dirtiest places or items on planes were the tray tables, seat-belt buckles, lavatory flush buttons, and overhead air vents. The tray table alone contains an average of 2,155 CFU/square.in of bacteria. Wipe these areas with a sanitizer before using them. 

    Noise Distractions - Take Actions to Offset Disruptions

      Unless you’re flying on a private jet, it will be harder to relax and focus with all the commotion around you. Most business travelers also need to be able to juggle work routines such as writing proposals or responding to emails. Unfortunately, these trips can be a noisy experience. Invest in noise-canceling headphones so that you can listen to soothing music as you work. Alternatively, you can purchase disposable earplugs made of soft foam. They will help you sleep or work soundly even if your environment is a noisy one.

      Eat Healthy So That You Can Stay Healthy

        Eating healthy on a business tripBusiness travelers spend an average of $96.89 each day on food alone. Unfortunately, the food that they eat is not always so healthy. In fact, much of the food budget is spent on junk food including snacks, fries, and sodas. You should ask for a hotel room that has a mini-fridge in it. Stock it with fruits, dairy products, and water. Doing so will keep you healthy as you conduct business in your host city. 

        Stay Focused On Your Mission

          Business travel is exciting but can also be distracting a new city or country offers you excitement and adventure. Do not fall for it. Instead, be sure to state your goals and prioritize them prior to your trip. You can then design a work schedule that keeps you focused on your goals, and if the goals are met you can treat yourself for some sighting and local travel. Talk to your staff if they are traveling with you. Make sure that they have clear goals and a work schedule that is productive, and allows for some free time to explore your destination. Stay focused on your business travel goals but leave some room for a bit of local sightseeing and entertainment after completing the business objectives. 

          Keep Your Luggage Safe and Clean

            Airport luggage - keep safe - polosimIn 2007, airlines lost 4.5 million bags of luggage. The good news is that according to SITA the air transport industry has reduced the rate of mishandled luggage by 61.3% globally since 2007. SITA reports that the rate of luggage mishandling in 2014 was 7.3 bags per thousand passengers. That being said, can you imagine losing critical documents you need for your business presentation? Whenever possible, try to minimize the contents of your luggage to fir it into a carryon. However, if you need to check-in your bags you can reduce the likelihood of lost luggage if you opt for smart luggage tags instead of paper labels. Be sure to also put your contact details inside your luggage so that someone can call you in case you lose it.

            Keep Your Electrical Items in a Sealed Waterproof Bag

              Mobile chargers, laptop chargers, and some headphones might entangle the rest of your stuff in your bag. Moreover, some liquids may leak and destroy them. Sometimes, the leakage may come from drinks or other liquids close to your bag as opposed to those that are in it. Keeping these things in a sealed waterproof bag prevents entanglement. It also helps keep items neat and organized. 

              Stay Connected With Family, Friends, and Colleagues

                International SIM card - PolosimThe average length of a trip for a business traveler is 13 days. Staying away from your family, friends, and colleagues for such a long time is overwhelming for you and them. You can maintain these relationships through reliable connectivity. For example, you can go for the PoloSim International SIM card. It operates in 100 countries, and it comes with 1GB data. Moreover, you can access 4G or 3G networks on it depending on their availability and finally, the card is valid for one year. 

                Buy a Book on Your Way to Your Destination

                  Traveling can be a lonely and boring experience, especially since you’re sitting on a plane or waiting to board one for much of the time. Reading a good book allows you to keep yourself engaged while sitting around waiting for boarding or on the plane. 

                  Buy the Local Newspapers

                    Buy a local newspaper - polosimThe information you receive regarding your destination country could be be quite different from what is actually happening over there. You’ll gain a different perspective on your PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) analysis by reading the local newspapers. Doing so will give you a different perspective of what is happening in that area. Just keep in mind that in some totalitarian regimes with government controlled papers the local papers, may not prove to be accurate…

                    Direct Flights Are the Best Option

                      You can choose between direct and connecting flights. The latter are usually cheaper, but they come with various disadvantages. For example, traveling would take more time than necessary. That would be unsettling if you are on a tight schedule. Additionally, the risks associated with flying increase with each flight you take. For example, you could lose your luggage during your second connecting flight.

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