10 Best Europe Travel Tips

November 29, 2016

Europe Travel Tips - PoloSim International SIM cardsTraveling is one of the exciting things you can do in life. Traveling allows you to explore different cultures, ideas, and landscapes. You get a chance to appreciate life in all its beauty. Europe is a fascinating continent because of its rich history and amazing architecture. Here are the 10 Best Europe Travel Tips.

1. Join the Festivities

Europe travel tips venice festivalEurope has an immeasurable number of festivals each year. For example, the winter festivals that will take place this year include Saint Nicholas Day on December 6, the Winter Solstice Celebrations on December 21-22, and New Year Celebrations on December 31. Others include the Venice Carnival, Italy and the Festival of Lights in Amsterdam. Be a part of these celebrations so that you can meet new people in addition to having loads of fun.

2. Take Advantage of Public Transportation

Europe travel tips public transport- polosim europe data sim cardThe European rail network is one of the best railway systems in the world. It connects cities to small towns and industrial centers. You can access any part of Europe using these rail systems. They are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. You will also see great views of the European countryside as you travel by train. Moreover, they give you a chance to sit back, relax, and talk to your fellow passengers on the train.

3. Save Money with Low-Cost Carriers

Flying by plane from one city to another saves you a lot of time. It also gives you great aerial views of European cities, towns, and landscapes. However, the cost of traveling by air may be prohibitive if you are working on a tight budget. In this case, you can save a lot of money if you fly with low-cost carriers.

4. Experience the Beauty of Small European Cities

Small european cities - PoloSim international sim cardMany big cities in Europe are charming and interesting, but often times can be a ‘bit too touristy’. Some of them are even industrialized and are as common as any other city in the United States. Moreover, the people you meet in these cities are other tourists and travelers from all over the world. Visiting the small European cities and towns means you do not get a chance to meet the local population in their traditional setting. You can do that in the countryside where historical cultures, norms, and habits are less affected by globalization.

5. Research Is Important

    Europe is different from any other place in the world, and many locals in Europe are different from each other. For example, people value their lunchtime breaks more than those in the USA do. That means you might find a particular office closed at such times. You should plan your activities based on the local customs of the people in the area you are visiting. Follow their rules as much as you can and everything will work out well for you.

    6. Learn the Local Language If You Can

      One thing you should know about Europeans is that they love their native languages. They feel proud when speaking Italian, German, French, or Hungarian. They also appreciate it when you try to learn their language. Learn a few phrases so that you can communicate with them properly. Listening to a few podcasts on the right pronunciation of certain words is a good idea.

      7. Support Family-Owned Businesses

        Small European souvenir store- PoloSim international sim card Shopping is one of the best experiences you can ever have in Europe. The stores sell authentic merchandise made by some of the finest artisans in the world. You should note that family-owned businesses sell the highest quality products because they make them personally. Sometimes, they make them by hand. Moreover, the people who work in these small enterprises love visitors and they will love you as well.

        8. Visit Europe during the Off-Season

          Europe is one of the most visited regions in the world. For example, France had 84.5 million tourist arrivals in 2015. Visit Europe during the off-season so that you can avoid the crowds that stream into the country during the high season. The best months to visit are June, July, or August. Moreover, traveling through Europe during the off-peak season is cheaper than doing so during the high season.

          9. Pack Lightly

            Do not carry heavy baggage with you as you travel through Europe. Doing so slows you down making it impossible for you to be spontaneous. For instance, you cannot change destinations quickly with heavy luggage because you have to consider the logistics of transportation. A lot of baggage also means that you cannot carry as many souvenirs as you would want to carry during your return trip.

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