World Explorer SIM Card + $10 Credit


The PoloSIM World Explorer SIM card is a simple, cost-effective prepaid service option designed for travelers to save on international roaming with coverage in over 190 countries. The The PoloSIM World Explorer SIM uses the callback method to dial and save money. If you prefer to use a direct dial service, you may prefer the PoloSIm Europe SIM card.

  • Coverage in over 190 countries and over 150 Cruise Ships
  • Calls from as low as 15c per min. Rates vary from country to country based on destinations.
  • Prepaid Data from as low as 12c per MB using data bundles.
  • FREE incoming calls in popular travel destinations
  • US$10 starter credit included
  • No connection fees
  • Get a Global number & a USA number
  • Easy recharge options
  • All in one 3 size SIM Cards: Standard, Micro & Nano

Some of our Great Rates

Key Countries
Receive a call^
Call USA
Call International*
Use Data
UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Greece FREE 15c/min 35c/min 35c/MB
(from 12c/MB with data bundles)
Portugal, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia FREE 45c/min 45c/min 45c/MB
(from 15c/MB with data bundles)
Singapore, Thailand, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Laos, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya 15c/min 65c/min 65c/min 65c/MB
(from 22c/MB with data bundles)
Jamaica, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Russia, Rwanda, Estonia 35c/min 95c/min 95c/min 95c/MB
(from 32c/MB with data bundles)


All rates quoted in US dollars, billed in 1 minute increments.
* A per minute surcharge applies to call some non-key countries. View applicable countries
^ There is a 15c per minute surcharge to receive calls on your US +1 number in all countries.

Recharge,  Customer Service & Terms

  • After buying the SIM card you may add credit or recharge anytime via the phone or web, or enable auto-recharge.
    • APP - If you're using our service with an iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone, download our FREE JT TravelApp. It'll help you to keep track of your usage, recharge and more.
    • Website - Click here to recharge or add credit.
  • Customer Service - Multi-lingual Multi-lingual Customer service center is staffed by English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish speakers to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here for service related matters. 
  • Terms - Service is powered by ekit part of the JT group and subject to their terms and conditions
  • Service life - For full service life and SIM expiration details, see here


Type: SIM Card

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